Corporate Social Responsibility

Ready Chef is business that takes the words Corporate Social Responsibility to heart.

Our multi-faceted approach to socially responsible endeavours includes use of local Irish suppliers and growers, the support of local Irish charities and a BRC rated approach to Food Safety in our production facilities.

Ready Chef is committed to supporting our suppliers. We recognise the importance of building strong, collaborative and, wherever possible, long-term partnerships with our suppliers. We want them to grow their business as ours grows and we want them to continue to deliver super quality produce for our customers. At Ready Chef Ltd., we recognise the importance of agriculture as a resource for sustainable living, both domestically and within developing communities. Ireland has tremendous agricultural advantages, but other countries can lack the water, the soil, the animals and cereals, the climate, the infrastructure and the know-how to benefit from farming in the way that Ireland has done. We’re committed to providing our customers with great quality produce, both fresh and prepared, which is grown and harvested in responsible and ethical conditions.

Our aim is to improve people’s lives. We are achieving this by facilitating farming enterprises, promoting food sustainability and contributing to raising the standard of living for those participating in deserving projects in less developed communities. This is the basis of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and this imperative of ‘food security’ is incorporated in our business objectives and operations.

We recognise that our staff are the backbone of the company and train them to the highest standards while encouraging them to contribute at all levels throughout the company. We promote sustainable, secure and safe food production in such communities, and we provide mentoring services, secured funding, educational assistance, physical machinery and machinery training, as well as our time and expertise.

Ready Chef is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. As a result we are constantly investing in new environmental projects to lessen our carbon footprint. Equally we are forging new, and developing established partnerships, to further achieve this goal.

Through our CSR initiatives, Ready Chef Ltd is proud to support Swim a Mile with a Smile, which has generated over €500,000 for Crumlin Children's Hospital and Barretstown Fun Camp.  Spinal Injuries Ireland is a new charity for Ready Chef to support in their work in supporting people who have sustained spinal cord injuries and their families.

Anti- Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

We always work to the highest ethical standards and comply with all laws, regulations and rules relevant to our business. Our reputation is paramount and we take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously. We realise that our relationships with those we deal with, whether clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers or the local community, are key to our success and as such we take our obligations and commitments to those people very seriously.

We expect the same high standards from those we work with and we are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business.

Other CSR Policy elements include:

  • Providing an opportunity for all in Ready Chef Ltd. to use their skills and efforts to give back to nominated charities.
  • Providing company-wide opportunities led from the top down on social matters and charitable work.
  • Promoting opportunities to reduce environment impact through recycling initiatives and by increasing paperless processes via internet technologies.
  • Contributing to cost savings and increased revenues as a result of improved employee morale and productivity.