The story of Ready Chef is one of great inspiration. It is the true Irish success story of dedication and hard work. Founded, in 1967, by Bill Tallon who sold produce from his van, the business is now run by his sons William and David from the purpose designed 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Glasnevin in Dublin, providing employment to over 100 dedicated and highly trained staff. Family owned, Ready Chef provides a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables and an ever growing range of prepared salads, cut fruits and vegetable products to the Irish Food Service market.


Over the past three years, Ready Chef has concentrated on two main areas which it believes are now key to the food industry, namely food safety and local provenance. It means a lot to the team at Ready Chef that they can demonstrate to their customers the traceability back to farm level for their food safety. Equally they are proud to support local producers by profiling best produce in season all year round.

Continually striving to innovate and be the best, Ready Chef is proud to announce that it is the first factory in Ireland to achieve BRC Issue 7 certification during 2015 in vegetable and fruit processing for the Food Service Sector. This demonstrates the commitment to the highest standards in food hygiene and production.

At Ready Chef there is a policy of sourcing locally throughout Ireland, where possible. By working with growers at farm level, they have been able to reduce the road miles the produce must travel before it reaches their distribution and manufacturing facility. The sooner they receive the vegetables to their door the sooner they can capture the goodness inside for the customers. Smaller growers with great products now have access to a distribution network linking directly to our customer base. Ready Chef is proud to say that over 74% of produce is sourced on the island of Ireland when crops are in season

The number one goal is always customer satisfaction, going to enormous lengths to find and deliver the widest variety of best produce. Always sourcing locally where possible, following the company environmental policy of supporting local farmers, carbon footprint reduction and farm to fork traceability. For almost 50 years, Ready Chef has delivered the highest quality products, with exceptional value and service, so chefs can focus on making outstanding food for their customers.